Valor Credit Card Machine – All Details

Valor Credit Card Machine : It can be exhausting to carry large sums of cash, especially if you intend to use it to pay bills for various goods. The Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal can help with that. You only need to swipe your card once to complete all of the payments! In light of the fact that we are attempting to promote cashless payments owing to the epidemic, I think this has significantly facilitated work. Let’s look at some of the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal’s amazing features and reasons why you should think about purchasing it now that we understand what it performs. Read More Article –

valor credit card machine
valor credit card machine

About Valor Credit Card Machine

Angela Trippe, the owner of Valor Merchant Services, is dedicated to assisting members in managing their businesses more effectively. Since 2010, Valor Merchant Services has offered unparalleled personal support, easy-to-use technology, and the lowest prices. in U.S. 100% Customer Support

Valor Credit Card Machine Features :

  • Capacitive Color Touch Screen, 3.5″

The 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen performs a fantastic job with contrast and clarity. Additionally, capacitive panels offer a user-friendly experience because to their increased sensitivity and ability to operate with various inputs.

  • many connections 4G/3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth

The several connectivity points on the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal make it simpler to access different networks and share data, which can streamline the entire process.

  • Li-ion rechargeable battery with a high capacity

Because the high-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery has a long lifespan, the device will require less charging. The Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal is practical because it requires less charge and has a longer usage period.

  • Capturing Electronic Signatures

This function is fantastic for preventing chargebacks. Customers can choose to receive their receipts by texts, SMS, or email with the electronic signature capt ure. Every time a transaction is completed, a digital receipt is automatically kept in the Valor Merchant interface, helping you save money on paper as well.

  • Payment via Bluetooth Lighting Card Reader

The Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal offers a number of contactless payment alternatives, including eWallet choices like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. In other words, business owners and personnel can complete transactions without ever touching a customer’s credit card. Additionally, the illuminated card reader that is included with the Valor 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal reduces direct physical contact between the customer’s card and the business.

Why Purchase Valor Credit Card Machine?

It is a device with a lot of features that can compete with more expensive versions, and the user experience is much better. It is the perfect solution for businesses that have restarted operations and want to follow COVID-19 health regulations because it allows contactless payment alternatives. Absolutely worth it!

Transaction Process on Valor Credit Card Machine?

Available Products of Valor Credit Card Machine

See Price – Click Here

See Product Specification VL100 – click here

How to Use Valor Credit Card Machine VL100

1. Reprint Receipt
Prints the receipt for last transaction performed.
2 Settlement
Option for you to settle their current batch.
3. Tip Adjust
Adjust the tip amount on transactions performed within current batch.
4. Reports
See summary reports for current open batch, the last settled batch, and the detailed reports for the last 5 batches settled.
5. Change Password
Set one general password OR create custom passwords for settlements, voids/refunds, & removing custom fee.
6. Download Package
Used to apply parameter changes or update the version on the device.
7. Comm Config
Configure or change your internet connection type
8. Reboot
Power cycles device.
9 Remote Diagnostics
Allows ISO to perform troubleshooting on the device.

Conclusion :-

It is a device with a lot of features that can compete with more expensive versions, and the user experience is much better. For More Update Visit our Portal Regularly .

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