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Sky Shot Price : In this article we will see different sky shot price and features . In market lots of different sky shot available but it is difficult to choose which one is better and in reasonable cost In diwali Birthday Marriage Christmas usually we purchase sky shot.

Sky Solutions Confetti Party Popper -Set of 6

Paper polka dot confetti poppers /birthday blaster/paper blaster for celebration for birthdayPaper polka dot confetti poppers /birthday blaster/paper blaster for celebration for birthday Do not spray with upside down.keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision Ideal for birthdays and parties, valentines day party , bachelore party , bachelorette parties , adult party props, new year party , chirstmas party favours

Sky Shot Price
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Jungle Theme Neevaza Party Poppers for Celebrations – Multicolor

  • Simply Twist The Base To Eject The Colorful Streamers Producing A Confetti Shower That Will Flutter Gently To The Ground
  • Safe to use for all age group, Its made of paper
  • Safe to use for all age group, Its made of paper
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor Birthday, Anniversay, Wedding party etc
Jungle Theme Neevaza Party Poppers for Celebrations - Multicolor
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PRINT BHARAT Sky Lanterns Multicolour Hot Air Balloon/Flying Night Sky Light Candle

OccasionChristmas, Diwali, Birthday
ThemeFestival, Birthday
Net Quantity1 count
SizeLanten 4
  • Best Product For Festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Gurupurab etc & also for normal use on any occasion or without it.
  • It can fly up to 1200 feet.
  • Material: Paper and wax candle.
  • Color: Assorted

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Ziggle Big Golden Party Poppers (30cm) – Set of 4

Pack of 4) big golden popper party cannon golden petals popper gun sparkle cannon 30 cm (12 inches) Confetti thown into air with brust Great fun stuff for party, engagement party marriage party and other celebrations

Ziggle Big Golden Party Poppers (30cm) - Set of 4
Sky Shot PriceSee Price

Follow these precautionary measures while bursting crackers :

1.) Always wear light cotton dress and slippers/shoes while bursting crackers. Avoid frills, party wear dresses while bursting crackers. Apart from cotton you can also wear khadi or denim clothes, these are safe and do not catch fire easily.

2.) Burst crackers in open areas, also ensure there are no vehicles around. Sparks from crackers may lead to a huge fire in property or vehicles, to avoid any mishap make sure there are no electrical equipment and vehicles around. If possible burst it in open grounds.

3.) Have a bucket of sand and water around. Fire accidents are very common during Diwali, despite all precautionary measures it is important to keep a bucket of water or sand handy to reduce the impact if at all a fire accident occurs.

4.) Always store crackers at a safe place. Fire crackers are combustible hence keep them at a place which is clearly away from fire. Store them inside steel containers or containers made out of hard plastic or wood, do not store them in boxes or polythene bags.

5.) First-aid kit should be handy, have a band-aid, antiseptic lotion and anti-inflammatory medicine in the kit. This can help during the case of emergency. Also, keep an emergency number handy as most of the medical professionals are on a holiday during Diwali.

The best way to enjoy Diwali is to burst crackers with utmost safety and use precautionary measures to avoid any mishap or accident.

Have a Happy & Safe Festival.

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How much do Sky 240 shots cost?

240 Shots Sky Shot Cracker price is Approx Rs 2800/piece

What is the price of 25 shots crackers?

Approx. Rs 400/box

What is the price of 1000 Wala crackers?

1000 Wala Crackers, Rs 700/box Approx

How do you blast crackers?

Avoid using open fire (matches or lighters) for bursting crackers. Instead, use sparkler, long fire wood or agarbatti to burst a cracker

What is the price 12 Sky Shot

Approx. Rs 260

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