Living Expenses In China Vs Finland For international Students l Best Comparison

Today in this article we will see the Living Expenses In China Vs Finland which is the best for international Students

This article we will cover the all basics terms that is the tuition fee cost , cost of accommodation a food and feeding expense ,transportation expense and then overall comparison of accommodation ,transportation, tuition fee, bottle of coke, meal at a local restaurant cost & mobile data cost in this article

Living Cost In China Vs Finland For international Students
Living Cost In China Vs Finland For international Students

Living Expenses In China Vs Finland

Tuition fee comparison between China and versus Finland for international student

The tuition fee in a Finland is actually free of charge for the student those are from European Union / European economic area countries /from Switzerland otherwise you will be treated as a international student and you are required to pay the tuition fees.

What is the tuition fee in Finland

Tuition fee ranges between $6000 – $12000

Tuition fee is also depends on the private University and public University if you choose the private University then you have to require to pay more fees compared to the public University in private University you have to pay dollar 20000 to 30,000 but in public University there is very less to 2000 to 10000 you have to pay for the study.

Tuition be is also depends on the city of Institution and the course you have choose.

Cost of accommodation in China versus Finland

In both the country is the different options for accommodation are available maybe you have to stay in dormitory or a rented apartment or you have to book a flat student are free to make their choices depending on their budget in both the countries

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In China the dormitory cost with between dollar 150 to 400 but it’s totally depend on the institute what you attend and also depend on the location of your Institute

You can save the cost of living or accumulation by sharing your apartment with your colleagues are splitting rain between each other by sharing the room or apartment

In Finland a accommodation cost is expensive as compare with the China.

In Finland the dormitory is in Finland caused about 160 to dollar 400 monthly for share student apartment however if you love your space and prefer to stay alone then you will go for a single room but your budget will be increase for an apartment outside the school environment

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Food Expenses In China Vs Finland

In Finland food expense is more as compare with the China getting a grocery from local Supermarket is in a Finland you have to spend around Dollar 250 to $350 per month but in a supermarket in a Finland you also get some discounts.

In comparison with the China it’s very interesting that the meal at the local Chinese restaurant cost is only dollar 4 to dollar 5 for glossary you have to keep your budget for Dollar 200 to 250 per month

In terms of the transportation cause the Finland is somewhat expensive than China a student public transport system in Finland will cost you between dollar 42 dollar 50

Well in China the many options are available for transportation like train , buses ,private buses, public transport is also available and you will be cost around Dollar 1 for the public transport and 0.5 dollar for the bus ride in a city you and also get your transit card for $15 to $20 per month bus or train system

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So the overall comparison cost in living in China is less as compared with the Finland in below we will see some examples

  • accommodation cost in China is about dollar 300 but in Finland it is Dollar 500
  • the transportation cost in China is approximate 20 Dollar in Finland it is Dollar 56
  • the tuition fees cost in China is less than $2000 but in Finland this cost is go up to dollar 6000
  • Beer bottle in the China is Dollar 0.70 but in Finland its cause to dollar 2.5
  • The meal at the local restaurant in China is goes up to $4 while Finland up to $12
  • Mobile data cost in the China is Dollar 15 per month where Finland line its go dollar 22.50 per month

Before going to the study for international you have to consider your budget after that you have to get the decision the overall living cost in China is less expensive as compared to Finland.

International student is about to spend living in Finland is Dollar 750 to 1000 while in China you have to spend dollar 500 to 700

Overall Living Cost Comparison between China & Finland

  1. The meal with drink at in expensive restaurant in Finland goes up to dollar 13 why in China the caused goes up to dollar 4
  2. The fast food combo meal In finland goes up to dollar 9 while in China goes up to dollar 6
  3. milk bottle is Less expensive in Finland as compared with the china the milk bottle in the Finland is dollar 1 while in China you have to spend up to dollar 2
  4. One bedroom apartment in a Downtown area in Finland you have to spend dollar 710 In China You are to pay dollar 450
  5. Outside City Center 1 bedroom apartment rent in Finland will be dollar 500 In China the rate is Dollar 250
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Conclusion :

Finally we conclude that all major points we will cover in this article . The cost of living is based on country that you choose here china is less expensive than finland. Depending on Budget and Educational course availability you choose the country for international study.

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Living Cost In Finland For international Students

Living Cost In China For international Students

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