it cosmetics beauty book 2023

it cosmetics beauty book 2023 :

Beauty and Wellness sector are as follows.
1) People are buying more beauty products.
2) People are moving to cities and spending more money to avail beauty products and services.
3) Young people are being exposed to advertisements through media, which increase their aspiration to
look beautiful and presentable at all times.
4) There is an obsession with younger looking skin as more and more consumers ask for cosmetic treatments and anti-ageing products.
5) More product innovation is being done for enhancing marketability

Career Opportunities in the Beauty and Wellness Sector

Major sub-segments in the Beauty and Wellness sector
The Beauty and Wellness sector has several sub-segments.
Beauty centres or salons A beauty salon provides skin, hair, nail care and other related therapies to improve the overall look of a person. These services are provided as per customers’ requirements.
Hair salons
These are specialised salons, which provide services like haircut, hairstyling, shampooing, hair colouring and Major sub-segments in the Beauty and Wellness sector Alternative therapy Product and counter

Product and counter sale
This involves counter sale of beauty products, including cosmetics and toiletries, which address age-related health and appearance issues of clients by a salon.
Fitness and slimming
These include service providers in the fields of physical exercises, yoga, aerobics, other mind and body practices, weight loss and slimming.
Rejuvenation centres
This includes the core spa industry services, such as spa operations, spa education, spa products and events. The sector primarily offers pro-active services aimed at relaxing the body and mind.
Alternative therapy centres
Clinical diagnosis and treatments under alternative therapy are provided in this segment. Alternative
therapy relates to natural healing methods, which are different from the regular western medical treatments or allopathic or pharmaceutical procedures. Apart from naturopathy, this includes crystal healing, cupping and vibration therapy.
Unisex salons
Unisex beauty salons offer Beauty and Wellness services to both men and women. Many organised segments are offering such services, and unisex beauty and wellness centres are gradually gaining acceptance in the Indian society.
International beauty brands
The growing number of customers in the Beauty and Wellness sector has attracted a number of international brands to the Indian market. Some of the popular international cosmetic brands with a presence in India are — Maybelline New York, L’Oréal Paris, MAC, etc.

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