How to tag all in WhatsApp group step by step solution

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Best answer how to tag all in WhatsApp group

Today WhatsApp is very common and in WhatsApp there are lots of group present in your mobile phone you are also the admin of some groups and you need to know how to mention some people in the group or all people in a group in your WhatsApp message so follow The below steps to do it

  1. First open your WhatsApp
  2. then go to the WhatsApp group where you want to mention
  3. Then type @ in the section of message and you will see different names are coming for mention
  4. Simply choose participant name those you want to mention
  5. you can also mention yourself
  6. In this way you can add or mention in your group

How to add new group member in WhatsApp group

The below steps give you clear idea about how to add new group member in existing WhatsApp group

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • then tap on your WhatsApp group name
  • now press on 3 dots present at right corner upper side
  • then press on group info
  • after that you will get option to add participant
  • tap on it search the person want to add using name or contact number
  • tap that number or name it will be add to your group

How can I add bot in WhatsApp group

To add bot in your WhatsApp group follow the be given procedure step by step

  • Open your WhatsApp group
  • then click on the three dots at Upper right corner
  • then tap on your group info
  • after that tap on at participant
  • after that tap on add bot


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