How do dying stars contribute to the formation of planets?

How do dying stars contribute to the formation of planets?

A. They emit helium gas that attached to nearby planets

B. They remove low- mass elements from the planets crust

C. They cause nuclear fusion inside the inner core of planets

D. They produce heavy elements such as iron and gold

E. None Of these

Best Answers – D

Explanation –

D is the most close answer, however, not every star is capable of producing iron. heavy elements production requires a huge star. Remember, Iron is called the star killer, once the star reaches iron the nuclear fusion reaches a halt.

What is produced by dying stars?

collect material fro upper layer dying star to form a planetary nebula. Finally, the core will cool into a white dwarf and then eventually into a black dwarf. This entire process will take a few billion years.

Do stars give birth to planets?

disc of gas and dust spinning around our newborn forms birth to new planet. in a recent study found that dying stars can give birth to planets,

How are planets formed?

Planets form from particles in a disk of gas and dust, colliding and sticking together as they orbit the star

What does a dying star look like?

It color Look orange type wispy

How hot is a dying star?

about 240,000 degrees Fahrenheit

Which is a Red planet in solar system

Mars is red Planet in our solar system

Is Venus a red planet?

No this planet is Yellowish-white

Which is brightest planet?

Venus is the brightest one.

What color is Moon?

dark grey is the color of

Which is the hottest planet?


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