Grilled Cheese is the perfect ________ to my tomato soup.

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grilled cheese is the perfect ________ to my tomato soup.
grilled cheese is the perfect __ to my tomato soup.

Grilled Cheese is the perfect ________ to my tomato soup.

  • Complement
  • Compliment
  • Complicit
  • All Above
  • None of These

Correct Answer is – Complement

a thing that goes together well with something else is the Complement

Complement is verb that means “to complete or improve by providing something extra.”

Example -The colors of the furniture and the carpet complement each other.

Is grilled cheese and tomato soup good for you when sick?

When you are a Sick you required to take light meal. cheese and tomato soup having the acid in the soup and hard to digest it maybe create stomach problem also the soup has lot of sugar the grill cheese has lot of fat so you avoid tomato soup and grill when you are sick

Is tomato and cheese sandwich healthy?

No its not healthy because soup has lot of sugar

How many calories does one tomato cheese sandwich have?

the correct answer is 143 calories in the tomato cheese and sandwich

Grilled Cheese is the perfect ________ to my tomato soup.

Correct Answer is – Complement

What kind of sandwich goes with tomato soup?

A cheese and onion sandwich is a good alternate option when you have access to limited kitchen appliances.

for all __, the test is over.

intensive purposes

You can make — at home

You can make yourselves at home.

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