celestial tarot guidebook PDF free download

celestial tarot guidebook pdf free download : here you can download celestial tarot guidebook pdf free download


cards designed by Kay Steventon text by Brian Clark Celestial Tarot 

 was released in 2005 and the comprehensive book and book/deck set were released in 2007. In the FAA journal (www.faainc.org.au) Brian Clark introduced some of the Tarot cards from the minor arcana of

Celestial Tarot 

. For astrologers the minor arcana of this deck are particularly important as they utilise the extra zodiacal constellations recorded by Ptolemy. Included are:

•Eight of Pentacles, represented by the constellation of Centaurus and the centaur Chiron, a ‘handy’ addition to the planetary pantheon since his discovery in 1977. Traditionally the Eight of Pentacles refers to the earthy domain of craftsmanship in work.

Celestial Tarot 

 amplifies the card with the image of Chiron who helps ensoul the mundane sphere of our life work.

•The Ace of Swords, represented by the constellation of the Southern Cross which burns brightly in the Southern skies and initiates the journey into the Swords, the domain of Air..

•The Nine of Cups, the constellation of Andromeda, depicts the chained woman breaking free from her father’s shackles integrating the initiatory journey through the Cups

•The Five of Cups, Ophiuchus, represents the god of healing Asclepius who awakens us to our own inner images of healing. In the 2005 AstroLog (www.astrolog.com.au) Brian’s article,

 A Journey through the Tarot Trumps, on the Major Arcana of the Celestial Tarot  was published. Included are some excerpts from this article.

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celestial tarot guidebook pdf free download

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